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Tripartie protects me in case of a dispute with the buyer or seller

If the transaction does not go as planned, I am guided to find a quick and fair solution.

  • Easy, no assistance required
  • Fast and at no extra cost
  • Transparent and fair for users
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days on average to solve any type of dispute

satisfaction rate on disputes resolution

years of legal experience for our legal committee

Sales between individuals are risky

19% of exchanges result in dissatisfaction, often because the quality of the good or service sold does not meet buyer’s expectations.

  • Damaged object or in poor condition
  • Poorly performed service
  • Discovery of a hidden defect

How does it work?

If there is a problem with my transaction, I answer simple questions in a few clicks and Tripartie guides me. Tripartie helps me find an amicable agreement, failing which the arbitrators of the platform analyse the situation before making an independant decision.

1. Amicable resolution

Finding common ground quickly

Explanation of the situation

I provide more information on the dispute from my personal Tripartie space.


I have the option of making a counter-offer to the seller or requesting a full refund.

Most of the time an agreement is reached!

An agreement is quickly reached. If not, an arbitrator takes over.

2. Arbitration

If no agreement is reached, an arbitrator makes an impartial decision.

Sending evidence

I submit to an independent referee any information I wish, such as a video or photos.

A fair decision is made!

The arbitrator makes a reliable and explained decision.

Our values

In addition to the principles of transparency, fairness, objectivity and impartiality that guide its resolution process, Tripartie is committed to certain key values:

Privacy and security

My personal data is confidential and the documents provided are encrypted.

Accessibility and listening

I have easy access to all relevant information about my current dispute.

Speed and simplicity

The procedure created by Tripartie is intuitive and 100% digital for a quick resolution.

Frequently asked questions

The Tripartie team is with you at every phase of the transaction.

If you are a buyer:

Once your purchase offer is accepted, Tripartie places your payment in an escrow account. The payment will only be transferred to the seller once the transaction has been validated. In the case of delivery, Tripartie tracks and verifies the delivery. You are therefore guaranteed to receive a satisfactory item.

If you are a seller:

Tripartie makes sure of the buyer’s solvency by placing his payment in an escrow account before the item is handed over. In the case of shipment, Tripartie tracks and verifies the delivery. Once the transaction is validated, the payment is automatically transferred to your Tripartie wallet. You are therefore guaranteed to be fully and immediately paid.

And in the case of a misunderstanding?

Tripartie adopts the role of a neutral third party and solves the dispute quickly.

Tripartie collects your payment and holds it in an escrow account with our banking partner until the end of the transaction.

By blocking the funds, you have a period of inspection that allows you to:

  • thoroughly check the item,

  • to return the item and be reimbursed if there is a problem with such,

  • to be partially reimbursed for non-specified damages.

There are no additional costs for the buyer/customer or for the seller/provider for initiating and handling a dispute.

Tripartie charges a commission on each transaction. In the case of the sell of good, the buyer is charged. See “Pricing” page for more details.

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