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Boost your marketplace transactions with Tripartie

Protect 100% of your marketplace's exchanges to eliminate payment, quality, and delivery risks.

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Why Tripartie?

Tripartie Secures your platform's transactions to promote trust, the key driver of your growth. The Tripartie team is very concerned with transactions between individuals and aims to liberalise the market for the second life of products to change our consumption habits.

To reassure consumers

To fight injustice between users

To offload customer service from platforms


The essential solution to reduce your internal costs

Automate most resolutions with AI to reduce internal costs and offload common customer service requests. Your team focuses on value-added tasks.


Protect your platform's brand image

Accompany each user to the end of their transaction and allow them to find a favourable outcome that protects their interests. Adopt a resolution path 100% dedicated to transactions between individuals.

  • Transparent and protective of every user
  • Easy to use, no assistance required
  • Fast and at no extra cost


Compliance is at the heart of the Tripartie solution

Adopt a turnkey solution that's easy to plug in and keeps your platform compliant. Specific CGU, compliance with RGPD, Digital Services Act ... we've thought of everything!

  • Respect your users' privacy
  • Keep your platform up-to-date with regulations
  • Make decisions fair and equitable

Discover our solutions

Tripartie's Plug&Play solutions enhance your platform's reputation.

Safe Checkout

Easily secure your platform's transactions.

  • Payment Protection
  • Parcel Shipping & Tracking
  • Custom UX
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Resolution center

Automate claims and handle disputes with AI.

  • Verification of requests
  • Amicable resolution
  • Arbitration of Complex Cases
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