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Protect (finally) your second-hand purchases and sales to avoid scams, guarantee the agreed quality and change our consumption habits โœŠ

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The ultimate experience when dealing between individuals

Tripartie secures all your transactions between private individuals, in a very simple way and in a few clicks. It is the best solution for those who want to find the same buying experience on the ads platforms as in a shop.

  • I avoid scams – As a buyer, I check the item before releasing the final payment to the seller, thanks to the verification period.
  • I protect my payments – As a seller, I am guaranteed to be paid as the money is kept in escrow on a secure account.

Compliant purchases and 100% secure payments

Tripartie prevents you from sending money to a stranger without first checking the purchased good or service. Tripartie also guarantees that the seller will be paid without delay and in full.

  • Protection against fraud and scams
  • No risk of delay or non-payment
  • Purchases in line with expectations

Everything I need for the smooth running of my transactions

Tripartie is an intuitive application that you can use in addition to your favourite ads sites before payment, or directly within our partner platforms.

For all types of goods and services

Protect all transactions that are valuable to you, whether they involve an object, a vehicle or a service.

Hand-delivery and parcel delivery

With one click, the buyer issues a parcel slip with the exact address of the seller. Tripartie App tracks in reak tile the shipment of the parcel.

Simple and secure payments

Whether I am a buyer or a seller, my payments are secured by a banking institution and the funds are only released once the transaction is validated.

Purchases verification

Tripartie App allows you to provide video evidence in case of a non-conforming purchase in order to activate the protection service and prove your good faith.

Effective price renegotiation

Do you notice a hidden defect? Renegotiate the sale price with the seller right up to the last moment to avoid being cheated.

Support in the event of a dispute

If you disagree about the quality of the purchase, specialists will quickly settle the dispute in a fair and transparent manner.

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What if it goes wrong? We are still here!

Tripartie is the only solution designed by legal professionals that protects its users in the event of a dispute. At no extra cost, let us guide you to find a quick and fair solution.

  • No assistance required
  • Fast and without extra cost
  • Transparent and protective of my interests

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