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The perfect app for doing business with a stranger

My classified ads with confidence, for all my purchases and sales between individuals.

The perfect app for doing business with a stranger

My classified ads with confidence, for all my purchases and sales between individuals.

I submit my secure purchase offer

Once you've found the perfect match, let us guide you to send your secure purchase offer from your interface Tripartie or directly from the platform if it is a partner.

I secure my payment

Once your offer has been accepted, your payment is secured in a bank account until the transaction is validated. You are guaranteed to receive your purchase!

I pick up my purchase

Hand delivery

Make an appointment with the seller to pick up your purchase. Once there, check that your purchase is in line with your expectations.


Once the package has been delivered, you have 72 hours to pick it up and check that your purchase meets your expectations. In the event of a problem, you can make a complaint from your interface Tripartie, we will work with you to find a solution.

I finalise my transaction

Your purchase is in line with your expectations, all you have to do is validate your transaction from the interface Tripartie.

Create my secure payment link

Once you're ready to part with your superb property, let us guide you to edit your secure payment link from your interface Tripartie.

You're guaranteed to get paid

Once your offer is accepted, the buyer's payment is secured in a bank account until delivery.

Handover of the property

Hand delivery

Make an appointment with the buyer to hand over their purchase.


You have 5 days to ship the package to the buyer according to our delivery instructions.

I finalise my transaction

Once the transaction has been validated by the buyer, the funds are then released and immediately returned to your wallet Tripartie.

Everything I need for the smooth running of my transactions

Tripartie is an intuitive app that you can use in addition to your favorite listing sites before checkout, or directly within our partner platforms.

For all types of goods

Protect all transactions that are valuable to you, whether they involve an object or a vehicle.

Hand delivery and delivery

In the event of delivery, the seller issues the parcel slip with the exact address of the buyer in one click. The Tripartie app allows you to track the shipment of the package in real time.

Simple and secure payments

Whether I am a buyer or a seller, my payments are secured by a bank and the funds are only released once the transaction has been validated.

Purchases as described

The Tripartie application allows you to provide video evidence in the event of a non-compliant purchase in order to activate the protection service and prove your good faith.

Efficient price renegotiation

Do you notice a hidden defect? Renegotiate the sale price with the seller to get a fair deal.

Guidance in the event of a dispute

If you disagree on the final quality of the purchase, specialists will quickly settle the dispute in a fair and transparent manner.

Discover the app

A healthy user base, a solid reputation!

Secure my next transaction

Discover the secure platform dedicated to peer-to-peer purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tripartie charges a commission on each transaction. In the case of an item sale, it is the buyer who pays the commission fee.

Funds disbursed via the mobile app Tripartie are secured with our banking partner until the end of the transaction. Thanks to the blocking of funds, you have an inspection period allowing you to: verify the object of the transaction, and return it to the seller in case of non-compliance in order to get a refund immediately.

Most purchases made through Tripartie take between 2 and 8 days, including delivery and payment.


However, the total duration of a transaction can vary depending on the following factors:


- The payment method used by the buyer,

- The time it takes to deliver or hand over the goods,

-Payout options chosen by the seller.

If your offer is declined by the seller, the pre-authorization of payment made on your credit card by Tripartie is automatically cancelled at no cost.

The safest way to check the status of a transaction is to log in to your personal space, directly from the website Tripartie.


Once logged in, you can access all your transactions from the history and follow their progress.


The team Tripartie Remains at your disposal when needed.

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