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Easily manage your platform's transactions

Give your users a 100% secure shopping experience and build trust into your platform with Tripartie Safe Checkout.

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A shopping experience entirely dedicated to C2C

Offer your users a 100% secure and fully dedicated C2C shopping experience by easily integrating the Tripartie button into your platform.

Detection of fraudsters

Payment Protection

Shipping and tracking

Anti-fraud surveillance

Every transaction is invisibly monitored to automatically detect suspicious behavior and potential fraudsters. The shared database Tripartie protects your platform.

Payment and commission

Tripartie manages the flows of your platform in order to guarantee a maximum of security and to avoid a complex and time-consuming technical integration. The seller is paid after inspection by the buyer, you receive your commission.

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Shipping and tracking

The seller automatically issues a shipping note in a few clicks. Packages are tracked in real time and the buyer has a period to inspect his purchase. Possible returns are also supported.

Customization to your colors

Easily display the Safe Checkout button on every relevant product page of your platform. Give your users access to the Safe Checkout interface, while respecting your visual and UX identity.

Fast Plug & Play integration

A few lines of code are enough to integrate Safe Checkout and the signature of a single contract allows to benefit from all the functionalities. Deploy quickly your new activity, without effort.

The Resolution Center solution can be activated without additional integration.


Companies of all sizes use Tripartie

Other Safe Checkout features

Taking commissions

Define your business model and set up your commissions.

KYC Validation

Automate identity verification as well as technical and regulatory updates.

User Notifications

Your users are guided through the entire process and each important action is notified by an email in your colors.

Counter offer

The buyer can easily discuss the price with the seller. Tripartie manages for you the expiration of the requests, their refusal and acceptance.

Sponsorship and promo code

Make your community live and create virality with the features of sponsorship between users and promotional code.


Track the progress of your platform's transactions in real time and export the data needed for your financial analyses.

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Tripartie Safe Checkout, everything you need for a smooth transaction.