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Select the right plan for your business

Easily manage your platform's transactions.

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For demanding early-stage startups and marketplaces
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  • No setup fees
  • Easy-to-integrate Plug & Play solution
  • Customization to the color of the platform
  • Price renegotiation feature
  • Coupon Code Feature
  • Transaction Fraud Protection
  • Payment accounts and KYC management
  • Real-time parcel shipping and tracking
The ideal offer to start your business with complete peace of mind and reassure your users.
*Sliding scale rates based on volumes
For fast-growing marketplaces looking to support their growth
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  • All the features of the Startup plan and:
  • A/B test on the platform's commission takes
  • Multi-currency
  • Specific routes
  • Analytical reports
  • Full access to the Resolution Center
  • Advanced Support
The ideal offer to support each user in their resolution while respecting your UX.
*Sliding scale rates based on volumes
For high-traffic marketplaces looking to improve their reputation
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  • All the features of the Retailer plan and:
  • Task automation via API
  • Customizing Administrator Roles
  • Dedicated Account Executive
  • Priority Support
The ideal offer to relieve your customer service and save money.

Included in all offers

  • All current and upcoming features are included in this SaaS solution
  • User KYC identity verification and AML/CFT financial compliance management are handled by Tripartie
  • Only one contract signed with Tripartie is enough to benefit from all the services mentioned
  • State-of-the-art features (PSD2, 3DS2, instant payment, and more)
  • User journeys are multilingual and automatically detect the right choice
  • Safe Checkout is out-of-the-box and also manages email notifications to users

Also discover the Resolution center solution

Automate and process claims with AI.

  • Verification of requests
  • Amicable resolution
  • Arbitration of Complex Cases

« Tripartie allows us to manage all the financial flows of our Coliving platform. Thanks to the responsiveness of the team during the integration phase, we achieved our objectives and saved valuable time. »

Mathieu Dallies

Product Owner, Colivme

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Tripartie Safe Checkout, everything you need to keep your transactions running smoothly.