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Say goodbye to marketplace disputes with the power of AI ⭐

Avoid the hassle of buyer-seller disputes. Our platform makes it easy for your business to thrive. Say goodbye to stress and hello to swift, fair resolutions. Just a few clicks away!

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Already adopted by over 50 teams

A resolution process entirely dedicated to C2C

Assist your users in the event of a problem or dissatisfaction, and guide them through a procedure 100% dedicated to resolving disputes between private individuals.

Reassure your users

Boost your traffic

Preserve your image

Dissatisfaction is costly and clogs up your customer service

7% of disputes on platforms with secure payment
45 minutes are spent by the customer service on each dispute
65% of resolutions fail and do not generate a commission

Adopt an intelligent, out-of-the-box resolution process

With just a few lines of code, you can integrate a complete solution for preventing and managing dissatisfaction into your platform's purchasing process.

Your users are guided to find an amicable solution

The buyer describes his claim in detail and provides evidence. The Tripartie robot proposes a fair outcome and protects both parties. The seller responds by accepting or rejecting the offer.

Your team focuses only on the most difficult cases

The dashboard enables your customer service department to make quick and fair decisions. The Tripartie algorithms and shared database provide you with additional reliable information to facilitate arbitration.

Tripartie's powerful AI supports you

User profiles are automatically analyzed to detect potential fraudsters and suspicious behaviors. The evidence they send is verified to prevent forgery.

Automate day-to-day operations

Our Webhooks library allows you to draw your processes and apply decisions, such as full or partial refunds. Limit the impact on your customer service and focus on value-added tasks!

Other features of the Tripartie resolution center

Counter offer

The buyer can request a partial or total refund from the seller if he/she demonstrates that the agreed quality is not met.

Returns management

In case of agreement between the buyer and the seller to return the item, Tripartie secures the reshipment of the package.


Profiles are automatically monitored to detect fraudsters and help your customer service department make decisions.

In your colors

The dispute resolution path is fully customizable to extend the user experience of your platform.

Notification management

At each important step, the user receives an explanatory and colorful email notification sent by Tripartie.


Follow the progress of your platform's transactions in real time and export the data necessary for your analyses.

Companies of all sizes use Tripartie

Why adopt Tripartie


of complaints automatically resolved by the users themselves


less time spent by your customer service on each residual dispute


of additional commissions generated on average for your platform


RGPD and Digital Services Act compliant and compatible with all payment providers

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Tripartie Resolution Center: everything you need to make your transactions run smoothly.