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Works Council

Company size:

1 to 10 employees

Who are you?

Uggy dusts off the works council!

At Uggy, we do our best to contribute to the well-being and productivity of professionals. That's why we've designed a simple and intuitive benefits platform.

We strive to negotiate preferential rates on services that suit you: Heetch, Frichti, Ulysse, Gaumont Pathé, LeCiseau or TicketMaster.

What if a brand you like is not offered? No worries! We'll take care of it. Our sales team will be happy to negotiate the best deal for you.

In short, welcome to Uggy!

Why this partnership with Tripartie ?

In order to allow users of Tripartie to benefit from a works council with offers that suit them, whatever their status or the size of their company, and to be able to offer our members, in addition to preferential rates on leisure, food or transport, a Pro Services category allowing them to develop their business serenely.

Tripartie is part of it and allows all our members to secure their transactions at a lower cost!

What are the benefits for businesses and self-employed people?

Uggy offers the Tripartie community a personalized promotional code to be entered at the time of registration, allowing them to benefit from 3 months of free Uggy use.

They will have access to all the partner offers present as well as to all the features associated with their status!

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