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Origami Marketplace


Marketplace Editor


10 to 50 employees

Who is Origami Marketplace?

Origami Marketplace is a SaaS solution that supports retailers and pure-players in the resale of second-hand products through a fully integrated platform with a unified shopping cart.

Thus, Origami Marketplace is the first all-in-one solution dedicated to marketplace operators who want to welcome sellers and buyers in a simple environment with all the necessary features to grow in their image.

Why this partnership with Tripartie ?

The rise of the second-hand market in Europe represents a major transformation in consumer habits and highlights a significant shift in attitude towards more sustainable and ethical practices. This trend, which has gained momentum over the past decade, is fueled by a growing awareness of the environmental and social impacts of mass consumption, as well as a renewed appreciation for the uniqueness and quality of second-hand items.

Tripartie allows you to invest in the second-hand market and transactions between individuals quickly, without operational and reputational risk. Our differentiation: an approach based on trust and the resolution of disputes between users through AI.

Founded with the firm intention of offering the same quality of experience on the second-hand market as on the primary market to change our consumption habits,Tripartie offers two offers that are perfectly complementary to that of the Origami Marketplace:

Safe Checkout – A secure payment button to make the entire online or in-person shopping chain more reliable.

  • Reputational risk management – automated detection of scammers and fraudsters before transactions are carried out through systematic verification of sellers and buyers
  • Secure payments – dedicated digital account until the purchase is validated by users
  • Control of the quality of the goods exchanged – parcel dispatch integrated with La Poste and tracking of shipments

Resolution Center – A tool for preventing and resolving user disputes to improve the platform's reputation and streamline customer service.

  • Improve the UX and reputation of the platform – User disputes are resolved quickly and fairly
  • Reduce Operating Costs – Automating Amicable Resolutions Between Users
  • Increase revenue – Contentious transactions are permanently settled and generate commissions
Tripartie Safe Checkout x Origami Marketplace

Origami Marketplace is excited to partner with Tripartie to support our shared ambition to grow in the second-hand and peer-to-peer markets.

Tripartie and Origami Marketplace are joining forces to offer a reliable and secure alternative for managing peer-to-peer payments on the marketplaces developed by Origami Marketplace.

What are the benefits for businesses?

The partner companies of Tripartie and Origami Marketplace therefore benefit from a complete offer allowing them to quickly start their business. Equipped with a no-code event engine, Origami Marketplace offers a wide range of features dedicated to second-hand marketplaces.

The Origami Marketplace solution allows customers to make purchases on the brand's various channels (store, drive-thru, e-commerce) while taking advantage of a single shopping cart.

Thanks to a more comprehensive offer, the Origami Marketplace solution offers merchants the opportunity to build customer loyalty, increase online and offline traffic and improve their margins while fully embracing the circular economy.

Are you starting a second-hand project?

Tripartie enables retailers, marketplaces and large companies to enter the peer-to-peer and second-hand market rapidly, without operational and reputational risk.

Tripartie has a trust-based approach and provides a set of tools to ensure secure, compliant transactions and efficient resolution of user disputes. Book a product demo!

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