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Company size:

50 to 100 employees

Who are you?

Comet is a platform that connects tech/data freelancers with the best assignments on the market thanks to a matching algorithm.

Our desire, beyond providing missions to all Comet freelancers, is to create a new form of work by providing freelancers with the advantages of employees. The freedom of freelancing, with the security of being an employee.

To do this, we surround ourselves with the best partners to facilitate the daily life of our community of 5000+ freelancers, with benefits such as CE, mutual insurance, accounting, banking, and many others.

Why this partnership with Tripartie ?

This partnership contributes to our vision of simplifying the daily life of freelancers.

Indeed, Tripartie is a very interesting tool, which allows to answer the problems of our freelance community.

We have guarantees for freelancers who work with Comet, but it is important to us that all freelancers in the Comet community can benefit from this security in their assignments.

What are the benefits for businesses and self-employed people?

For the freelancer: the realization of missions, without the stress of being paid late, or not being paid at all by the client.

For the customer: the guarantee that the deliverables are in accordance with what was expected.

Tripartie is a trusted partner so that both the company and the freelancer can work together in a healthy way!

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