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How to perform on the market of transactions between individuals?

Trends, pain points and expectations of a booming market in Europe.

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For the 2023 edition of its market study, Tripartie is collaborating with the consulting firm Wavestone. The objective is to provide decision-makers wishing to address the rapidly growing market of transactions between private individuals and second-hand goods with a clear and up-to-date view of the various issues. The following topics are addressed:

  • Why is the second hand market exploding?
  • What are the pain points and expectations of consumers?
  • What tools can be used to control risk and optimize transactions?
  • Our expert point of view

Tripartie, a startup specializing in AI-based user dispute resolution for consumer marketplaces and in supporting major brands in this market, is collaborating on the 2023 edition of its European C2C market study with Wavestone, Europe's leading strategy and management consulting firm. Tripartie and Wavestone are combining their expertise to enable decision-makers to quickly understand the keys to the fast-growing market for consumer transactions. Updated macro-economic data, trends & key players, new consumer expectations, pitfalls to avoid ... this new study will enlighten the leaders of the second-hand sector and those who wish to position themselves on this booming market.

The second-hand market is now worth 105 billion euros and has already attracted more than 85% of Europeans. The annual growth of the market is in double digits, driven by the decline in purchasing power, inflation, the explosion of e-commerce, but also by ecological considerations and the stigma of the health crisis. Numerous players, generalists or specialists, online or brick & mortar, are vying for a place in the sun.

But behind this unbridled growth lies a reality that is sometimes less fortunate: fraud, dissatisfaction, and litigation are the lot of many users, to the detriment of the reputation and development of the least well armed platforms. Faced with this situation, Tripartie and Wavestone have pooled their expertise in order to help startup managers, retailers and players in the financial world to ensure that users have the most pleasant experience possible, from start to finish of the transaction.

Decision-makers have access to a comprehensive market study highlighting:

  • The dynamics of the second-hand market;
  • Pain points and consumer expectations;
  • Tools to control risks and optimize transactions.

For Victorien De Doncker, President of Tripartie: " The development of purchases between individuals is limited by the risks it entails and the lack of trust between users. Our ambition is to share our knowledge of this market to enable all brands to integrate second-hand and consumer transactions into their business, with complete peace of mind. We want every company to be able to grow while changing our consumer habits. "

For Julien Miniconi, Director of Wavestone: " Tripartie and Wavestone help you to decipher the second-hand business model thanks to our respective experiences in this market. In just a few pages, we offer an understanding of its ecosystem to help our clients transform its potential into development opportunities."


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