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How to boost your performance on the C2C market?

Trends, pain points and expectations of a booming market in Europe.

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    A study conducted by

    In this second-hand European market study, Tripartie – a trusted third-party start-up specialising in transactions between private individuals and listed in Station F’s “Future 40” ranking – and a European strategy and management consulting firm recently acquired by a worldwide top 10 – are combining their expertise to enable decision-makers to quickly understand the keys to the fast-growing market for transactions between individuals.

    This new study will enlighten the leaders of the second-hand sector and those who wish to position themselves on this booming market. It includes up-to-date macro-economic data, trends & key players, new consumer expectations and pitfalls to avoid.

    The objective is to allow decision makers wishing to address the growing market of transactions between individuals and second-hand to have a clear and up-to-date vision of the various issues. The following topics are addressed in particular:

    • Why is the second hand market so dynamic?
    • What are the pain points and expectations of consumers?
    • What tools can be used to control risk and optimize transactions?

    The second-hand global market is now worth more than 86 billion euros and has already attracted over 85% of Europeans. The double-digit annual growth of the market is driven by the drop in purchasing power and the rise of e-commerce, but also by ecological considerations and the impact of the Covid Crisis. Many players, generalists or specialists, online or brick & mortar, are fighting for their place in this market.

    However, behind this unbridled growth lies sometimes a less happy reality: many users face fraud, dissatisfaction, and disputes, to the detriment of the reputation and development of the least well-equipped platforms.

    Tripartie intends to enlighten start-up managers, retailers, and players in the financial world on how to ensure that users have the best end-to-end experience.

    In this second-hand European market study, readers will have access to:

    • The dynamics of the second-hand market;
    • The pain points in this market and consumer expectations;
    • Tools to control risk and optimise transactions.

    For Victorien De Doncker, President of Tripartie: “The development of consumer-to-consumer shopping is hindered by the risks involved and the lack of trust between users. Our ambition is to share our knowledge of this market to allow all brands – newcomers & pure players – to integrate second-hand and transactions between individuals at the heart of their business, with complete peace of mind. We want every company to be able to grow while changing our consumer habits.

    About Tripartie:

    Tripartie enables Retailers, Marketplaces, and financial sector players to enter the second-hand market and peer-to-peer platforms, by enabling them to hedge themselves against operational and reputational risk.

    Founded in 2018 with the firm intention of offering the same quality of experience in the second-hand market as in the primary market, this Fintech allows the entire purchase chain to be secured, both online and in-store.

    A big thank you to all the industry professionals who participated in the writing of this second-hand European market study!


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