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Loans between individuals

Company size:

10 to 20 employees

Who are you?

Finfrog is a startup created in 2016 that has developed an innovative, simple and inexpensive microcredit offer, allowing individuals to realize their projects for the price of a few euros per month.

Since its launch, Finfrog has already helped thousands of French people to finance their daily projects or to face unexpected expenses. Finfrog is a solution open to the greatest number of people: freelancers, self-employed, people on fixed-term contracts, students, but also retired people.

In order to offer the best possible experience to its customers, Finfrog has placed technology at the heart of its service from the start. The FinTech has thus designed a 100% mobile offering: applying for a loan has rarely been so easy!

Finfrog allows you to obtain a loan of 100 to 600 € in 24 hours, repayable in 3 or 4 months. The loan application is done in 5 minutes, without sending supporting documents or making an appointment. To apply for a loan, the information required is limited to 3 elements: your identity card, your credit card for the repayment of the instalments, and your bank account login details for the analysis of the application. Finfrog brings to its customers a simple, fast and reliable service.

Why this partnership with Tripartie ?

With Tripartie, we have a common approach which is to meet a specific need of individuals and also to accompany them.

We also encourage entrepreneurship and freelancing: offering simple services that meet a real market need, such as securing the use of a loan or financing a second-hand purchase.

What are the benefits for users?

Finfrog has decided to expand its offer to the largest number of people, including the self-employed. Finfrog allows them to borrow a small amount of money, where traditional organizations are less open. They can thus obtain a loan quickly, easily and efficiently for the realization of their personal and professional projects.

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