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Portage salarial

Company size:

70 employees

Who are you?

AD'Missions offers consultants the possibility of working independently, being their own boss and also benefiting from the advantages of salaried status thanks to wage portage.

Freelance administration is a form of employment involving a tripartite relationship between a freelancer, a client and a freelance administration company.

At AD'Missions, the human aspect is at the heart of our actions. Indeed, thanks to our experts, we accompany each consultant individually in his daily life as a freelancer:

  • in all their administrative tasks such as payroll, invoicing, purchase orders, PEE, perco and expenses;
  • in the legal field because each of the proposed missions can be the object of a personalized legal assistance by our care;
  • in the development of knowledge, casr we offer training courses with the main objective of increasing skills.

By joining AD'Missions, you will join a network of experts who will follow you throughout your professional development.

Why this partnership with Tripartie ?

Tripartie offers its services for individuals, freelancers and companies and thus facilitates the daily life of independent workers.

For us, it was an obvious choice: we share the same values in trying to bring freelancers serenity in their activity to focus on the essential, namely their missions.

What are the benefits for the self-employed?

The objective is to accompany each person in his or her journey to independence, to simplify administrative tasks and to bring more security to daily activities.

At AD'Missions and thanks to the system of wage portage you benefit from a simplified administrative management to allow you to devote yourself fully to your customers.

The benefits for the self-employed are many:

  • social benefits usually reserved for employees (unemployment insurance, pension contributions, health insurance, training rights, etc.);
  • a security of your activity (insurance, collection and guarantee of wages).

When you join AD'Missions, do what you like, we'll take care of the rest!

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