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Improve the quality of transactions on your platform

Offer your users a 100% secure shopping experience entirely dedicated to C2C by easily integrating Tripartie Secure Button into your platform.

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Build trust into your platform

Tripartie automates many tasks and provides security to make your life and your users' life easier.

Guarantee the agreed quality

The buyer checks the conformity of the good or service.

Don't worry about payments anymore

The seller gets paid after the inspection & you get your commission.

Easily manage non-compliance

Handle user disputes fairly and efficiently.

Major brands trust us

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Easy payments

Tripartie manages your payment flows to ensure maximum security on your platform, while avoiding complex and time-consuming technical integration.

  • Choose from many supported payment methods and currencies
  • Define your business model and set up your commissions rate
  • Automate KYC as well as technical and regulatory updates

Increase your average basket thanks to the CB split-payment in 3 or 4 times!

« Tripartie and Lemonway have teamed up to offer you a simple and perfectly compliant payment experience: optimize your flows and fully exploit the potential of your C2C marketplace! »

Stéphan Domagala, Senior Account Manager

Everything you need to secure & automate transactions

Simply select the features you wish to activate within Tripartie Secure Button.

Video proof

Users can use an App with your colors to ensure the agreed quality of the good or service by making a video.

Shipping parcel

In a few clicks the seller automatically issues a shipping note. Returned goods are also supported if necessary.

Fraud detection

Every user is checked by our automated tool to detect potential fraudsters before any transaction is created.

Non-compliance management

Efficiently handle payments, shipping, and quality compliance requests with Tripartie Resolution Center.

User notifications

Users are guided and each important action is notified by an email with your colors.

Counter offer

The buyer can easily discuss the price with the seller. Tripartie manages the expiration of the requests, their refusal and acceptance.

Sponsorship & Promo code

Animate your community and create virality with the features of sponsorship between users and promotional code.


Track the progress of your platform's transactions in real time and export the data needed for your financial analyses.

Easily handle user disputes

Improve the quality of your service

A fair and independent resolution of user disputes results in an unparalleled level of retention.

Save precious time

Automate amicable dispute resolution and make it easier for your customer service team to improve the user experience.

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Quickly integrate Tripartie and adopt your colors

Your graphic charter

Add your logo & colors and define the desired user journey to provide an optimal experience.


Paste a few lines of code on your ad pages, in the instant messaging or anywhere you want.

Do you have a special request?

  • White label available
  • Library and SDK at your disposal
  • Support in the creation of your Marketplace
  • Expert advice on your business model and activity

« Tripartie allows us to manage all the financial flows of our Coliving platform. Thanks to the responsiveness of the team during the integration phase, we achieved our goals and objectives and saved us precious time. »

Mathieu Dallies

Product Owner, Colivme

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