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Transparent pricing with no surprises

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Only if the transaction is done.
Clear summary before purchase.

The pricing below applies to transactions initiated from the Tripartie website.

The Marketplaces partners of Tripartie are likely to practice different rates justified by additional services, in particular of setting in relation. If you use Tripartie from a partner platform, please consult the applicable rates on the partner's website.

Amount of the transaction Fees Tripartie
From 1€ to 99 Free
From 100€ to 199 5€
From 200€ to 499€. 15€
From 500€ to 999 25€
From 1 000€ to 2 499€. 50€
From €2,500 to €9,999 75€
From €10,000 to €20,000 99€

Who pays the costs?

For purchases and sales of goods and vehicles, thebuyer bears the costs associated with the transaction. The seller does not pay any fees.

For services, the provider bears the costs of the transaction. The customer does not pay any fees.

The Tripartie fees are calculated from the amount of the transaction to be secured, represented by thresholds expressed in Euros. If another currency than Euro is used, these thresholds will be adjusted according to the current rate.

Delivery options

Package weight Mondial Relay Colissimo
Small (Max. 2Kg) Free Free
Medium (Max. 5Kg) 5€ 5€
Large (Max. 10Kg) 15€ 15€
Very large (Max. 15Kg) 25€ 25€
Very very big (Max. 20Kg) 50€ 50€

Payment in installments

On some partner platforms, you can pay for your purchases by credit card in three or four installments. The applicable fees are then calculated and displayed directly before your purchase.

Contact us to obtain the pricing adapted to your activity

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Frequently asked questions

If your offer is refused by the seller, the pre-authorization of payment made on your credit card by Tripartie is automatically cancelled, without any charge.

The safest way to check the status of a transaction is to log on to your personal space, directly from the website Tripartie.

Once logged in, you can access all your transactions from the history and follow their evolution.

The Tripartie team remains at your disposal in case of need!

Tripartie is the ideal tool for all value transactions, as these transactions deserve the security and peace of mind that our trusted third party offers.

Tripartie is also the ideal tool when the buyer and the seller do not know each other: this is the case for transactions carried out on classified ads or auctions.

Tripartie can be used on all our partner platforms and also on all sites and platforms that do not directly integrate a payment method. Just ask the other party to use it!

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