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Fight environmental degradation

Tripartie offers the second-hand market and peer-to-peer platforms a trusted and secure environment to accelerate the change in our consumption habits.

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Taking action on a daily basis by giving a second life to objects

We produce an average of 350 kilos of household waste per year and per person, which directly affects our health and our ecosystem.

We all have unused, yet functional items in our homes that would make other people happy. Instead of throwing these things away or buying new ones, we have the opportunity to turn to the circular economy and give our clothes and objects a second life.

Simple reflexes can drastically reduce the ecological footprint of our waste. Reusing objects in good condition is one of them, and it’s also good for our wallet!

Think about it for your used phones, games, clothes, furniture, computers, books, jewellery, bikes … and everything else.

Extending the life of clothes by 9 months reduces carbon emissions, water and textile waste by 20 to 30%.

By choosing to carpool, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions can be divided by the number of carpoolers in the vehicle.

The manufacture of a laptop computer involves the use of 10x its weight in polluting chemicals. Giving it a second life maximises the exploitation of its lifespan, which never exceeds 70%.

Our team

Tripartie is a French startup founded by Christophe Boucrot (CTO), Victorien De Doncker (CEO) and Andréas Lambropoulos (CMO) in 2018. These three former freelancers, passionate about classified ads between individuals, have rallied a solid team to their cause, as well as a committee of legal experts whose mission is to ensure fair treatment of disputes between users.

Our values


It is the mindset that drives us to achieve great things.


To maintain a great team cohesion and to undertake together.


This is what drives us to innovate and learn on a daily basis.

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