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The best tool to resolve user disputes

Tripartie improves the buying and selling experience on your marketplace to build user loyalty and simplify the day-to-day work of your customer service.

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50+ major brands trust us

Are disputes tarnishing your reputation and clogging up customer service?

7% disputes on platforms with secure payment in place

45 minutes are devoted by the customer service to each dispute

65 % of the resolutions fail and do not generate a commission

Sales between individuals are risky

Many transactions result in a complaint because the quality of the good or service sold does not meet the buyer’s expectations.

  • Damaged object or in poor condition
  • Poorly performed services
  • Discovery of a hidden defect

How does it work?

It is difficult to determine whether the buyer or the seller deserves a commercial gesture. Yet users expect fair action from you.

  • Contradictory version of the facts
  • Unreliable transaction data
  • E-wallet funds to be returned

Easily integrate a dedicated solution

Accompany each individual in the finalisation of his or her transaction while collecting reliable data to quickly find a fair outcome.

  • Compatible with all secure payment modules
  • Engage your users and improve your reputation
  • 100% RGPD compliant

of complaints
automatically resolved

of time spent on each
remaining dispute

additional commissions
generated for the platform

Tripartie is a complete solution that first favours an amicable resolution of each user dispute before your customer service department takes care of the arbitration.

Users are guided to find an amicable solution

A simple user path in your colours allows the buyer to describe his complaint in detail. The seller has the opportunity to respond by accepting or rejecting the offer.

Your customer service only focuses on the most difficult cases

A comprehensive dashboard allows you to make quick and accurate decisions. Tripartie provides additional data to make your team’s work more reliable.

Each transaction is quickly & fairly finalised

Automate parcel returns and decision enforcement to satisfy users and limit the impact on your customer service.

Counter offer

The buyer may request a partial or total refund if he/she demonstrates a lack of quality.

Returns management

If users agree to return the item, Tripartie secures the reshipment of the package.


Profiles are monitored to detect fraudsters and to help your customer service department make decisions.

In your colours

The journey is fully customisable in your colours and logo to extend the user experience.


At each important stage, users receive an explanatory notification email in your colours.


Monitor the progress of your platform's transactions in real time and export the necessary data.

Embody our values

Tripartie built its solution around core values as well as the main legal principles
so that you can provide excellent service:

Contradictory and fast

The procedure is intuitive and allows everyone to present their point of view for a quick resolution.

Impartial and fair

Sensitive user information is masked to ensure a fair and objective resolution process.

Confidential and secure

Users’ personal data is protected and the dispute resolution process is fully secure.

Designed by the best

Our legal committee has 104 years of experience in law

Together we find the best processes to resolve conflicts while respecting our core values.

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